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Speaking Availability

I am happy to receive invitations to speak in churches, at conferences, and in other venues, as well as to do radio interviews and podcasts.  I have broad experience in all these areas.  The process for arranging such events is as follows:

  • (1) Make an initial inquiry about my availability through the "Contact Me" button above..
  • (2) Read the information below concerning honoraria.
  • (3) Fill out ONE of the speaking engagement forms that can be downloaded below and send it to me by email.

I will get back to you as soon as possible.



The question of honoraria in respect of speaking engagements is a vexed issue.  There are widely differing ideas about how it should best be handled, and what an appropriate scale of payment looks like.  Because of this, the question can be the subject of much embarrassment and frustration on all sides.  In order to minimize these difficulties, a number of my colleagues and I agreed among ourselves a while ago what appeared to us to be a reasonable fee structure, and we have adhered to it ever since, "Reasonable" means "fair recompense for all the (hidden) hours that go into preparing materials for an event and then the time spent participating in the event," while taking account of the fact that we are engaged in ministry rather than in business.  

What we came up with was this: a fee of $500 (US or CAN), depending on the location) per “session.”  For example, a sermon in church would be $500, but a sermon plus an afternoon lecture would be $1000.  For a weekend conference, the range would be $1500-$2000, depending on what exactly one was being asked to do.

It seemed to us that many groups and churches could afford such fees, especially if they were to sell tickets for an event (which is in any case a wise thing to do).  The cost per person would typically work out to be quite small in such cases, just as in the case of the fee per hour for the speaker.  HOWEVER: I am well aware that for some groups of limited means this would not be the case.  It is always open to groups, then, to explain their financial circumstances to me, and I will always try to help out as I can.  There is space for this explanation on the speaking engagement forms mentioned above.